Beginning of Mireina

Our founder who has been engaged in the medical beauty industry for many years, has a deep understanding and passion for women in aesthetic field. Being beautiful not just improve one’s social status, but it’s also a way of self-rewarding and self-pampering. However, our founder has seen women  paying hefty price for pursuit of beauty in return getting substandard products. To our founders, price should never be an obstacle for women pursuing beauty. As a result, Mireina Cosmetics is founded with a mission where every woman deserves product suits even for a queen but with an affordable price.

Road towards Luminence

Journey to achieving goals need years of experience and passion. Our founder who is an aesthetic medical doctor, member of Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery, and also diploma holder of American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine has spent years of discovering, experimenting and combining different beauty formulas. In his mind, a formula must be an extract from mother nature with effects proven in the way of science. With the help of his peers from korea, our founders has finally discovered a perfect formula. M1 Luminence Serum is the crown jewel of Mireina Cosmetics offering every woman in every age group, a product befitting even to queen.

Creation to Beauty

M1 Luminence Serum is a combination of nature with science. With the blend of total 9 natural extracts, a formula which gentle yet effective. It helps in hydration, whitening and rejuvenation. Our Luminence are dermatologically tested and are preservative free. Our formula’s quality is on par to even medical grade products.

For Queens

To our founders, product which is medical aesthetic standard should be easily available like a daily home product and as affordable. Mireina Cosmetics has lowered the price with same quality to as low as only 1/3. With this, Mireina Cosmetics are working towards our goal of providing every women medical grade product suits even to a queen.